Peter Smith's story

Posted on Monday 2nd April 2012

Peter Smith started his insulation business in his garage 10 years ago and his accounts were done at the kitchen table. Today the business occupies 8 commercial sheds throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Eyes on Business has been part of Peter’s journey over the past 10 years and a mutually rewarding relationship has evolved.

This is Peter’s story in his own words:

"10 years ago, I started my business from home in my garage space. That’s when I met Anita through my accountant and our bookwork was not being done right at the time. Now we have 8 commercial sheds to store our products. I was a distributor of insulation on the Gold Coast, as well as in Brisbane and Northern NSW. 10 years ago they made it mandatory that new homes needed insulation and my business took off. When I later sold the business to my supplier who made the products, I had branches all over Queensland and Northern NSW. Now I work for them as their State Manager for Queensland and Anita still helps us.

Anita’s is a fantastic service. Sometimes she knows we need help at really short notice and she, or one of her staff, is there to help us. She runs a really good business – I don’t know what I would have done without her over the years. I can sleep at night knowing she’s checking our figures and they’re right and we can go forward."

- Peter Smith, ee-FIT insulation

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