Jyoti Gahankari, Centre for Plastic Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

Posted on Monday 2nd April 2012

Anita Jakins from Eyes on Business has been our bookkeeper for over 7 years now.  Anita is a sincere, dedicated person who is positively energised by challenges in both her personal and professional life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, competent, efficient and responsible bookkeeper. She is very understanding and always makes it clear what we have to do. She is really on top of things, keeping our records up to date, and more importantly ensuring their accuracy. The most important qualities are continually demonstrated - honesty, accuracy, knowledge and reliability.

Anita has taught me how to manage bookwork efficiently and she is always ensuring that we are up to date with the latest taxation changes. Anita is extremely professional, she has empowered me to improve my bookkeeping practices so I can put more effort into my core business and maximise financial returns. Additionally, she takes a personal interest in our business and she actually understands business. She is very to the point and you know where you stand with everything at all times. She has always looked out for the company as if she was a partner or principal. She is very diligent, punctual and accurate, as well a pleasure to work with. She has extensive knowledge and has been very resourceful.  Her entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and dedication are qualities I admire.

I am fortunate and proud to be able to count Anita as one of my valued associates and more importantly, as a close and loyal friend. I am always available to provide any additional information about Anita or her company, Eyes on Business.

- Jyoti Gahankari, Practice Manager for Dr Dilip Gahankari, Advanced Aesthetics, Centre for Plastic Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

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