Eyes on Business Newsletter - December 2015

Posted on Friday 18th December 2015


Our Eyes on Business Team Snapshot - 2015


Anita Jakins

I must say my team are the asset for 2015. There has been some changes, some growth, some challenges and any business owner will agree some rewards.

Eyes on Business has a new business partner, Amanda. She has joined the board as an investor and has taken on lots as a director for the full year. I have enjoyed seeing the growth she has performed professionally and there was the wedding of the year as well.

In 2015 Brisbane has grown with some amazing clients joining our database. Casey is the person who has shown so much growth in taking on these clients as they come to us. A great effort. We now are expanding Brisbane with a fourth full time staff member to assist us in 2016.

In 2015, the Gold Coast needed some attention to assist the team down there with our longest serving employee taking maternity leave. One of our major staff members became a mother for the first time, and I miss her terribly. I am so proud that Emily is now a mother of a beautiful and healthy girl. My gratitude must go to Louise in assisting while baby time is required. Louise has certainly received a lot of support and the clients she works with are kind in allowing this time to complete a maternity leave position.

We are now back on track with good staff and a growing business hub happening as 2016 begins to show Gold Coast as an investment model for business and personal growth.

This could not happen without our back office. Kristine is the glue that kept us all going and made us look good.

Personally, it has been a big year with my brother and I taking a trip to Gallipoli –Anzac Cove. Also EOB walked with the walking wounded as the charity I supported financially for 2015. My heritage comes from military and our family has suffered in the past. The least I could do to honour the fallen was to give to those currently serving.

I will be having a White Christmas with my dear friends in Japan. I wish each and every one of you the rewards we earn to be with our families over this festival season and to just be grateful for the freedom to be out and about in our lucky country.

It has been a great pleasure allowing us, Eyes on Business to be part of your team in some way. Laugh, live and learn as we move forward!!

Amanda George

My year with EOB has been a fantastic year both professionally and personally. I have had the privilege to keep looking after all my lovely clients as well as meet some new ones. Professionally, I've had the honour of becoming a director in November last year and even though it has thrown some challengers my way, I have enjoyed most of the ride. It was a big step for me to go from being an employee of nearly five years to becoming a director and having to take on new challengers, I am sure I have failed at some things but I also feel I have accepted the challenge and I am building my confidence more and more each day.

I have the extreme honour of working with the most fantastic crew of girls who have encouraged me and supported me on my new travels with EOB. A big thank you goes to Anita Jakins, the Managing Director, for all her support both professionally and personally, especially the guidance she has shown me in the new challenges I have faced this year.

Anita has been a big support in my life and she accepted my invitation to be my Maid of Honour for my wedding this year on the 4th October 2015. Yes, after 12 years the man in my life, Ric George, finally made an honest women of me. We then spent two weeks in Thailand for a honeymoon where we went ATV riding, Elephant riding, canoeing through bat caves on James Bond Island and lots and lots of shopping.

This Xmas I am planning to spend some time with my family, I am working so that our lovely staff can have time off with their beautiful families.

I would like to send all my love and special wishes to all our clients and hope you all have a fantastic Xmas and a very happy New Year.

Kristine Moore

Early this year I was given the opportunity to start working with Eyes on Business. What a year of learning and growing it has been. I have enjoyed supporting the team here at Eyes on business and also assisting our wonderful clients. For those that I have met, it was a pleasure and I look forward to progressing into the New Year with you.

On a more personal basis, an exciting challenge for me this year was competing in my first fitness competition. Being a shy person this was a great and fun way to gain some confidence.

After a busy year, I am looking forward to spending my 2 weeks off over Christmas with my children - what a crazy fun filled 2 weeks it will be! We will be spending most of our time here on the beautiful Gold Coast and also visiting family and friends in my home town, Toowoomba.

I hope you all enjoy your much deserved Christmas break and wish you well into the New Year.

Louise Lamb

I joined the team here at Eyes on Business in June 2015. Yes, at year-end being the busiest time of year, and time has flown. It has been a great experience working in a fast paced environment with an amazing team of ladies. I’ve been introduced to many of our wonderful clients and although it has taken a bit of time to become familiar with each of our clients files it has been an interesting and educational experience.

With Christmas just around the corner I’m looking forward to a well needed rest chilling out with my friends and two sons, ready to come back to work in the new year recharged and ready to go again.

I wish all our clients, and my colleagues a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Casey McGrath

Professionally, this year I enjoyed working more closely with our clients, including training both business owners and staff members.

Personally I enjoyed spending time with friends, weekends away and cooking.

This Christmas I will be heading up to Mooloolaba for Christmas and then returning to Brisbane Christmas afternoon to spend the remainder of the day around the pool with close friends, good food and many laughs.

Emily Stehmann

After falling pregnant in the new year this meant supporting my clients through end of financial year, training a new staff member on each client and ensuring that both client and the new team member were happy & confident with the transition prior to myself going on maternity leave.

2015 has been an amazing year personally after my husband and myself became first time parents to our baby girl 'Summer' in October. The last 2 months have been challenging but rewarding. There is nothing better than holding her in my arms and watching her smile even if I've only had 2 hours sleep. In the months to follow I will be enjoying my time as a new mum and watching our little girl grow.

Over Christmas I will be spending time with family and friends. I hope you all have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing everyone in 2016.

Anna Steffensen

Being the newest member to the team, what better way to meet the lovely ladies at Eyes on Business other than the Melbourne Cup Luncheon at the Q1 Observation Deck! It was a beautiful afternoon complemented with wonderful food and cold bubbly.

Over the coming weeks and months I look forward taking on my own clients and contacting you for a meet and greet. It will be a pleasure to get involved and learn about your business in turn supporting you and your company's bookkeeping needs.

With Christmas just around the corner, final plans are in place to ensure there is enough bedding and food for the extended family and entertainment for the kids as we are all heading the Sunny Coast for a stay at my Uncle and Aunt’s. It will also be my son’s second Christmas and I look forward to him dismissing all his presents and being more entertained by the excess wrapping paper, boxes and Christmas decorations.

Merry Christmas to all of our Clients and the ladies at Eyes on Business. Enjoy your Summer break and have a Happy New Year!

Mary Mashayekh

2015 was a great year for me both personally and professionally.

Personally, I enjoyed spending a lot of time with my lovely friends, bought a new car and travelled to Cairns and Sydney.

Professionally, I increased my knowledge and experience in accounting and tax, especially for small and medium sized businesses (including sole traders, partnership, trust and companies). I also started my CPA and attended a workshop for young tax professionals in tax institute. Most importantly, I started working for Eyes on Business in November 2015, it is a wonderful experience working in such an amazing team.

I am planning to have a great xmas holiday with my family who are travelling to Australia. We are going to spend some days in Sydney and Stradbroke Island.


From the Team at Eyes on Business, Keep safe and Enjoy your Christmas Holidays. See you all in 2016

If you need to get in contact with us over the Christmas break, we'll still be contactable with Amanda holding the fort.

E: amanda@eyesonbusiness.com.au

Ph: 07 55187770

Our office will be closed on the public holidays.

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