Accounting Software Packages

Choosing your software

As the business owner, you can choose the right accounting software package for you, based on what you want to gain from it. Nobody goes into business to work for the ATO, however as a business owner, we need to invest about 15 minutes a quarter to do little things like GST and payroll obligations.  Eyes on Business makes this an easy and time-efficient process if you’ve chosen the right software and been trained in the streamline environment.

To get the best out of an accounting package, you need to know which version best suits your needs and how to use it effectively. Answering these 5 questions will help you decide which software package to choose:

  1. Are you GST registered?
  2. Do you track stock?
  3. Do you pay employees?
  4. Are you importing or exporting?
  5. Do you use purchase/sales orders?

If you're using spreadsheets or manual bookkeeping methods, you're probably spending more time on your books than you need to. Accounting software gets you organised, simplifies sales and expense tracking, and ensures reliable records for tax time.

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